Paddle Boats and Pizza in Williamsport, PA

This week, I was traveling for work but had almost an entire day to explore. I had a work function in Williamsport Pennsylvania which is in Central PA. I usually don’t write about work trips since I am in an office for most of the day, but Williamsport was surprisingly a beautiful small city with many activities. Williamsport has several historic buildings in the city center which is surrounded by mountains on one side and the Hiawatha River on the other. Not only is this city picturesque but there were also an abundance of breweries, local restaurants, themed bars and museums. A little fun fact about Williamsport that you probably don’t know is that it is the Little League capital of the world. Little League baseball started in Williamsport. It is also host to the Little League World Series every summer. There are signs of this everywhere in the city.

Since I was traveling for work, I didn’t plan out what I wanted to do before arriving in Williamsport. It was a refreshing change to just walk around the city and explore what it had to offer without researching beforehand.

While exploring the city, I was getting hungry but had no idea what restaurants to check out. I happened to turn a corner and found a lovely street called Pine Square. It was bustling with locals enjoying the sunshine in the outdoor seating areas for several restaurants and an ice cream shop.

I decided to stop in The Stonehouse since there seemed to be many locals eating there. A good travel tip (from Rachael Ray) is to ask the locals where they like to eat if you are unsure what the best restaurants are. The Stonehouse was a great local wood-fired pizza and pasta spot that was definitely worth the stop!

After the delicious pizza break, it was time for our scheduled Paddle Riverboat tour on the Hiawatha. The Hiawatha River is surrounded by Susquehanna State Park which has beautiful picnic and recreation areas.

It was the perfect day for a boat ride with clear, sunny skies. The Hiawatha was also host to several speed boats, kayaks and jet skis. The captain of the boat was very knowledgeable about the area and the Paddle boat had two levels for viewing the scenery.

Overall, Williamsport was a great city for foodies, nature-lovers and sports fans. I was only able to scratch the surface of everything the city had to offer in my short stay there. I would definitely recommend spending a few days in the area and hope to return soon!