eat healthy while traveling

How to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can be hard on our bodies with long periods of sitting in a car or plane, a lack of sleep and an increase in activities, depending on where you travel to. Many trips require our bodies to use more energy than we typically do in our normal routine. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy diet while traveling. I am guilty of eating whatever is convenient while traveling, especially for work. It is easy to gravitate towards fast food but with a little planning, that can be avoided.

Plan Ahead

– If you research your travel location in advance, you can seek out local restaurants and view their menu before you arrive. Most people plan out their activities for their trip but neglect to plan where to eat. With websites like Yelp and UrbanSpoon, finding great restaurants in any city is easier than ever.

Pack Healthy Snacks

– Having healthy snacks with you while you are traveling is a must for me. Meals while traveling can happen later than usual or you might have to wait longer to eat. By having healthy snacks with you, you can avoid binging on junk food while waiting for meals. If you don’t have room to pack snacks, stop by a store in your destination if possible.

Choose Vegan-Friendly Restaurants

– Even if you do not practice a vegan diet, vegan-friendly restaurants tend to have healthier options. While searching for restaurants before you go, looking for vegan-friendly places can be a great start.

Avoid Fast Food

– It is easy and convenient to eat fast food while traveling, but it is difficult to find healthy options at the chain fast food places. If it cannot be avoided, look for healthier options as all restaurants are required to provide their nutritional facts.

Try New Things

– A lot of local cuisine in different areas is made with fresh, local ingredients. Try some new dishes at local restaurants and truly experience the culture of a different place!

Any other tips for eating healthy while traveling? Let me know!