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Ziplining in Icy Straight Point, Alaska

If you are going on a cruise to Alaska, one of your stops is probably at Icy Straight Point. This port is beautiful with mountains and rocky beaches surrounding your ship as you dock. The small town of Hoonah is also within walking distance of the port. Overall, this port is very small. The best thing to do in Icy Straight Point, however, is ziplining on the ZipRider!

The ride up the mountain takes you for a tour of Hoonah with a knowledgeable local tour guide. The views on the ride up the mountain are beautiful and can only be seen through this tour. (Tip: sit on the left side of the bus for the best views). The zipline itself was incredible. It is ‎5,495 feet long with a vertical drop of ‎1,320 feet, which is higher than the Empire State Building. The views on the zipline are beautiful and it is a must-do in my opinion.

Watch my experience:

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