celebrity cruise tips for newbies

10 Celebrity Cruise Tips for Newbies

Thinking about going on a Celebrity cruise? If it is your first time on a Celebrity cruise, there are a few things that are helpful to know. Whether you are going to Alaska, Asia, Bermuda or the Caribbean, follow these tips for a great first-time cruise!

10. Lounge Tip

– The best lounge to relax and hang out in on the cruise (in my opinion) is the Sky Observation Lounge on the 11th floor. The lounge is full of comfortable chairs and panoramic views of the ocean and also tons of natural light.

9. Show/Dinner Tip

– There are usually two showtimes (7 & 9) for the shows in the theater. If you go to dinner in the dining room early, they will get you served quicker to make room for more people at the late dining who are going to the later show. If you want a longer dinner, go later, however you might miss the show.

8. Restaurant Tip

– For meals, there are the included restaurants which on most ships are the buffet, main dining room, grille by the pool and spa cafe. There are several specialty restaurants, however they are not included and must be paid for separately.

7. Food Tip

– In the dining room, you are not limited to the items on the menu or just one entree, appetizer and dessert. If you want something different from what is on the menu, they will gladly accommodate you. Also, if you can’t decide what appetizer or entree to choose, you can choose more than one (the portions are small).

6. Excursion Tip

– If you book excursions before your trip or on the boat, they are typically cheaper than if you wait until you get there.

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5. Coffee Shop

– There is a coffee shop onboard with specialty drinks and sweets. So depending on your drink package, some of these drinks are included. All of the cakes, cookies and pastries are free for everyone.

4. Drink Tip

– There are several levels of drink packages, do your research and be realistic about how much you plan to spend on drinks before purchasing a package. If you do not have a drink package, most ships will allow you to bring your own bottle of wine onboard. Bring a reusable bottle to refill with water throughout the day.

3. Seasickness Tip

– Some days are a bit rocky on cruise ships, although most of the time you can’t feel the ship move at all. Bring some ginger tea with you for if you feel a bit queasy. However, if you aren’t feeling well and did not bring your own medication, there is a health center on board that has free medication.

2. Dress Code Tip

– There are two formal nights on board where you are encouraged to dress-up for dinner. They used to be more strict about this policy but have relaxed this rule. Don’t show up to dinner in shorts or jeans though!

1.Tipping Tip

–¬†¬†Gratuities are automatically added daily to onboard accounts but can be adjusted to your discretion. Be sure to keep an eye on this throughout your trip.

These are just a few tips to help you out on your first Celebrity Cruise! Be sure to do your research before you go to ensure you have the best trip you can. Have more cruise tips? Leave a comment below!