24 Hours in Vancouver, BC

After our cruise to Alaska, we decided to stay an extra day in Vancouver, BC, just to check it out. I heard great things about the food scene and abundance of outdoor activities there and couldn’t wait to visit. We did however only have 24 hours to explore the city. This was definitely not enough to be able to see everything but we were able to pack in a lot in just a day.

When we arrived, it was raining pretty hard so we dropped our stuff off at our hotel and wanted to do something inside. Vancouver has several museums and shopping but a couple on our cruise told us about “FlyOver Canada.” They said it was a must-see while we are here, so we went to check it out. “FlyOver Canada” is a simulated ride that showed us all different areas of Canada as if you are flying. It is a lot like “Soarin'” at Disney World, so of course I was up for it.

We visited FlyOver at Canada Place which is also where all of the the cruise ships arrive and depart from. The tickets are for a specific time, so the wait is not long at all. You can also get the “fastlane” tickets, which are strangely the same price as the regular tickets. This attraction was a great way to see many parts of Canada and get a feel for their culture as well. It is the same type of ride as Soarin’ at Disney however, so if you have been on that then it will be very similar.

After we rode this, we walked to a local church for their noon mass. It was a beautiful church and I couldn’t believe how many people were there for a Friday afternoon mass! When we walked out of the church, the rain had stopped, so we wanted to explore the city more. There was a specific area of Vancouver that I wanted to see because the finale of one of my favorite TV shows filmed there. If you have seen The 100, then you know all about the “City of Light” which was all filmed in Vancouver. We stopped at “Oceanic Plaza” so I could fan-girl about being in the same spot where they filmed.

After spending time exploring the downtown area, we stopped for lunch at the first restaurant we could find. A lot of restaurants were closed until dinnertime, so we did not prepare for this by searching for restaurants beforehand. We ate a delicious and healthy meal, then headed to the waterfront area to visit Stanley Park.

A great thing about Vancouver is the number of walking and bike paths that it has throughout the city. There is a trail that goes from Canada Place all the way through Stanley Park. My favorite must-see parts of Stanley Park are the rose garden, old abandoned zoo and the marina.

After exploring Stanley Park, we were tired after walking so much. We decided to head back to the hotel and get dinner. Conveniently, we found a Pho restaurant attached to our hotel called “Pholicious.” And it was so delicious! The women at the restaurant made everything as soon as you placed your order. The pho was fresh, flavorful and just a bit spicy. This was the perfect end to our quick Vancouver visit. I hope to be back, so I can see what else this city has to offer!

Have suggestions for my next trip to Vancouver? Let me know!