8 Must-Do Things in Edinburgh, Scotland

I had the pleasure of visiting Edinburgh, Scotland in the early spring for just two nights. I was on a two week trip to England and decided to take a quick trip to Edinburgh since it was so close and just a cheap flight away. We flew Ryanair and stayed in a hostel in the middle of the city. After we dropped our bags off at the hostel, we walked out and onto the historic streets to the sound of bagpipes echoing through the winding streets. Edinburgh is such a beautiful place with cobblestone streets overlooked by the Edinburgh castle which sits at the top of this hilly city. Although we were only in Edinburgh for 2 days, we were able to fit a lot of activities in. Hopefully I will be back soon! These 8 must-do things were my favorite activities on the trip and are in no particular order.

8. Walking tour of the city
If you walk to the “Royal Mile” which is the street that runs down from Edinburgh Castle, there are several tour guides with tours that begin every hour. The tours are free (although you will definitely want to give tips!) and are run by locals who know every bit of history you would want to know.

7. Shopping on Victoria Street
Victoria Street is said to be the inspiration for Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. It is a beautiful little street with quaint local shops.

6. Scotch Tastings
You can’t visit Edinburgh without a taste of Scotland’s national drink. There are several options for tastings, especially along the “Royal Mile” and up to the castle.

5. Visit¬†Greyfriars Bobby’s Bar
The legend of Greyfriars Bobby is a popular one that you will definitely hear if you take a walking tour of the city. This bar is one of the most popular in the city to sit down and relax with a Scottish ale.

4. Try Haggis
If you don’t know what haggis is, a simple google search can inform you of this unique Scottish dish. Yes, it does sound disgusting but don’t judge it before you try it! Pretty much every restaurant in the city serves haggis but if you’re unsure where to go, ask any of the locals for the best spot.

3. The Elephant House
The Elephant House is the cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter. If you are a “Potterhead” then this is a must-see! Also, make sure that you use the restroom there, I won’t ruin the surprise. If you look out the windows in the back of the cafe, there is a cemetery. This cemetery provided several names for the books, see if you can find them!

2. Arthur’s Seat
Arthur’s Seat is a grouping of hills that provide a beautiful panoramic view of the city. It is said to be one of the possible locations for Camelot and is named after King Arthur.

1. Edinburgh castle
Overlooking the city is the Edinburgh castle. This attraction is full of history and is also host to several beautiful photo-ops. Make sure you give yourself at least a few hours to explore every part of this castle.

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    1. We pre-purchased a transportation ticket when we bought our plane tickets. The transportation was actually on a double-decker bus, which was a neat experience! The Hostel we stayed at was called Edinburgh Backpackers and we were able to book a private “penthouse” room. The private room was great since we could lock it and leave our belongings there while we explored!

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